Pledge To Preserve American Liberty

I pledge my life to advancing the principles of individual liberty, and I refuse to surrender my liberty to any earthly power. I pledge my allegiance to freedom and justice over any person or government, and I commit my life to advancing these principles.

I pledge to stand for those without a voice, so that all Americans may enjoy the same opportunity.

I pledge to support economic policies that support industrial and technological revolutions, keeping America on the front lines of excellence on the world stage.

I pledge to support your right to say something I disagree with, And I reserve my right to say I disagree with you.

I pledge to support policies that use government influence whenever possible to dismantle laws and regulations that restrict the civil liberties of Americans.

I pledge to support and defend the American Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment that guarantees these protections for Americans from their state and local governments as well. These rights are critical to what it means to be American, and I pledge my life to defending these rights for myself, my family, and my fellow Americans.

These rights are not granted by any woman or man, and therefore no person may abridge them. I choose to live a free person and I pledge to protect the liberty of all Americans, in any policy or politician I support.

I pledge among all things to be a good steward to the rights promised by our founders, recognizing our significant imperfections and the opportunity for growth these imperfections represent.

I pledge to never stop reaching for the true promise of America and I will fight for the liberty of each and every person who calls the United States of America home.

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