Libre By Nexus Offers Legal Assistance For Immigrant Detainees

Mike Donovan and Libre offer a pathway forward for immigrants languishing in detention. Learn how they are finding a way to make a broken system work for immigrants and detainees.

Libre offers legal support, financial help and charity for immigration detainees nationwide.

Every day, immigrants journey to America and land in detention centers around the country. And every day, Libre by Nexus Services, tries to help them gain their release while their cases are adjudicated.

MIke Donovan Defends Zachary Cruz's Constitutional Rights

Mike Donovan and Nexus defend the constitutional rights of the brother of Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz with a lawsuit against Broward County.

Tucker Carlson vs. Mike Donovan

If DACA Is So Great, Why Isn't California Richer? Tucker Carlson debated Katherine Mangu-Ward, editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine, and CEO of Nexus Services Mike Donovan on DACA immigrants.

Public trust in government has been on the decline over the years, but recent events have deepened the divide between Americans and the elected officials who represent them.

The COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, social media and the 2020 presidential election have gripped the nation and amplified distrust across the country.

From corruption to cover ups, we looked at distrust in government by analyzing more than 1,700 terms and keywords related to government distrust in every state via Google search trends data. The results highlight disproportionately popular keywords and terms in each state.

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